Or Yehuda Ultra-Orthodox Campus

The ultra-Orthodox campuses of the Ono Academic College are a home for members of the ultra-Orthodox population who want to acquire a profession and earn a decent living. Before you decide where you are headed, we ask you to answer two questions briefly.

Why get an academic degree?

The modern world of employment offers a wide range of professions. In general, however, there is a significant distinction between academic and non-academic professions. In the academic professions we can see an income graph that has been growing over the years.

Most young people enter the labor market with a relatively low starting salary, but the academic degree combined with work experience usually guarantees a steady increase in salary. There is real growth potential in the earning capacity for graduates of all the applied academic fields taught at Ono Academic College: accounting, computer science, law, business administration, real estate appraisals, education and society or the health professions,.

In the end, an academic degree is the best means of income available in the Israeli employment market. We meet with many graduates, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs and educators, who all tell the same story. As self-employed or as employees, the academic degree is an asset that will improve your salary from year to year.

Why Study at an ultra-Orthodox campus?

At the ultra-Orthodox campuses of Ono Academic College, thousands of students take courses in a wide variety of fields of study.  Many thousands have already graduated from these campuses and found employment in the job market. Some of our graduates have been integrated into prestigious positions as self-employed entrepreneurs and as employees in the public and private sectors. The examples are many.

Behind the ultra-Orthodox campuses of Ono Academic College is a rich and cohesive worldview. It is not just about studies in gender segregation, but about a deep understanding of the academic, economic, social and cultural needs of ultra-Orthodox male and female students. This concept is expressed in a unique academic schedule and a rich system of assistance, providing the opportunity to complete required basic studies, acquire tools of professional literacy, enjoy a customized academic calendar and more.

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