Educating Students.

Unifying Israel.

Why Ono?

We’re Leading Israel
Ono educates students from every part of Israel society, helping create a better society for all.
Leading Students
Ono’s curriculum is fine-tuned to current market needs, leading students to in-demand careers.
Leading Faculty
Ono’s faculty was voted best by Israel’s national student association for five consecutive years.

Ono’s Mission

Our Story

Cultivating Personal & Professional Success

We’re guided by the belief that higher education is key to national security, economic growth, and societal advancement. Our multicultural education curriculum combined with social responsibility provides all students the chance to achieve greater personal fulfillment and professional success. 

Ono’s vision is to offer all Israelis the opportunity to successfully integrate and contribute to their own communities and Israeli society at large.

Supporting Diverse Cultures
As part of Ono’s core curriculum, students learn about the diverse cultures that make up Israeli society. Ono welcomes the “messiness and manyness” of Israel’s mosaic, and provides scholarships to students of underserved populations to encourage diversity and access to education.
Innovating New Programs
Our students’ success is due to Ono’s focus on meeting the needs of the job market. From the first sports therapy program to the first MA in Digital Strategy, Ono Academic College is at the forefront of education, developing new programs in areas that employers seek. In fact, many programs are only offered at Ono.

Meeting Contemporary Needs

Ono’s ground-breaking Multicultural Jewish Studies program trains teachers to discover and teach pluralistic approaches to Judaism. 

Our Law School’s clinics and social outreach align with Ono’s mission of social unification. 

Our programs at the Jerusalem campus bring technology and social issues like domestic abuse to ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities. 

New tools such as educational technology, videotherapy, and arts therapies empower graduates to lead change in their communities and throughout Israel.

In 2019, Ono opened the world’s first International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry.

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Outstanding Student Employment Rates
Ono prepares our students with analytical tools to prosper in an increasingly sophisticated world. Most Ono graduates find employment shortly after graduation. Nearly 100% of our Ethiopian-Israeli graduates and 85% of our ultra-Orthodox commence their careers quickly after graduation.

Impacting Israel

Ono’s steady stream of graduates are now serving at the top levels of Israeli society, contributing to the vitality of Israel’s economy and culture.
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