Program Highlights

Learn when it is convenient for you. Students can chose between morning classes, evening classes or a combined study program.
Students are integrated as legal assistants in the largest set of legal clinics in Israel, dealing with areas such as: the promotion of youth and young people, medical and psychiatric law, a police prosecution clinic, and more.
Participate in the prestigious international Model UN program, in which students from all over the world meet, discuss and simulate UN activities.


Law is everywhere in our lives. It is relevant to every employee, business owner, social entrepreneur, and to every person in fact who wants to live freely and take advantage of the rights afforded all citizens.

Ono Academic College’s School of Law is the largest such faculty in Israel.  Students receive training in the fields of commercial law, criminal law and public law.

Ono’s unique program not only prepares the student to work as an attorney, it also develops comprehension skills, diction, negotiation, the ability to refine accurate insights and provides the knowledge and tools necessary for any citizen to exercise his or her rights.

Among the subjects taught are: contract law, sources of law, constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law, labor law, Hebrew law, family law, tort law, corporate law, evidence law, civil law, property law, professional ethics, jurisprudence, Legal research, Private International Law, Tax Law, Criminal Procedure, Intellectual Property, Public International Law, Drafting Legal Documents, Mediation, Law Enforcement of Debts and Insolvency, International and EU Trade Law, Theory of Persuasion

The Voice of a Graduate
Adv. Yaakov Cohen Co-founder and head of the Planning and Construction Department at AYR Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.
The faculty that taught us were some of the best in the State of Israel and they provided me with the professional foundation and tools to fulfill my professional aspirations.
I believe that:
Prof. Yuval Elbashan Dean of the Facultyof Law
As part of the program, students will learn comprehension, abstraction, oral and written wording, interactive negotiation and decision-making skills. Students will develop the ability to gain insights from original and unconventional perspectives. Undergraduate studies in law, at the Ono Academic College are training for life.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Dr. Jonathan Shiman
Attorney, Gornitzky & Co.
"Prof. Zohar Goshen and Dr. Gil Siegel were my mentors throughout my studies. They challenged me and shaped my professional path as a jurist. Thanks to them, I continued and was accepted for a master's degree and later for a doctorate at the University of Virginia, among the best universities in the world. "
Tomer Cohen
Partner and CEO of Jobit
"Ono Academic College understood before everyone how important it is today to get an academic degree. Courses are built with the full-time student in mind and everything is very much geared towards excellence and a practical career."

More About the Program

  • The Ono Academic Campus offers selected students the opportunity to participate in study trips abroad to leading academic institutions. In recent years, delegations have traveled to WIPO, the World Property Organization in Geneva, Fordham University in New York and more.
  • For about a decade, the Ono Academic Campus has been holding its annual legal conference in collaboration with Columbia Law School. The conferences are part of an academic collaboration between Columbia University School of Law and the Ono Academic Campus. As part of the collaboration between the institutions, the Ono Academic Campus hosts the best lecturers of the Columbia University School of Law and senior jurists from the leading universities in the United States who come to Israel and give lectures for two intensive days in May-July.
  • The Ono Center for Clinical Social Law is one of the largest clinical settings in Israel. The center combines the social vision of the Ono Academic Campus, which seeks to change the face of society in Israel with its being an academic educational institution, by providing practical legal tools alongside theoretical legal instruction.
  • As part of the realization and fulfillment of the academic experience in the Faculty of Business Administration, the Ono Academic Campus has established the LMM program – the online legal learning program developed especially for you and combines online lectures with a multiple-choice questionnaire system (“American” questionnaire). Of you to watch the extension lectures (which deal with topics not taught in the frontal course), to study independently in any place that is convenient for you and at any time that suits you.
  • Ono students participate in a prestigious international Model UN project, in which students from all over the world meet, discuss and simulate UN activities.

Video Journey: LL.B. in Law