Program Highlights

All graduates of the program are assisted on a “VIP track” for finding a job
Experience the simulations at the Simulation Center which will prepare you for the "real" work in the field.
In addition to the degree, you may receive 6 diplomas of certification from leading companies in the field: in resume sorting, telephone interview management, training management, training development, management of assessment centers and employee recruitment skills.


Our program provides significant managerial tools to anyone involved in managing and trains the students early in their careers to be human resource managers, welfare managers, training managers, recruitment managers and more.

The program will provide you with skills that will enable you to excel in human resource management positions: employee recruitment, recruitment, recruitment training, employee evaluation and career development. During the program you will learn how to play a key role in building the vision and organizational strategy of the company and managing significant processes related to human capital.

Among the topics of study: locating the selection and absorption of employees, evaluating and rewarding employees, the art of interviewing, career management, recruitment, simulations and more.

Voice of a Graduate
Noy Eliyahu Diagnostician at "Adam Mila" Human resource consulting in Tel Aviv
Already in the degree registration I felt that the place promotes practical experience. I learned techniques and skills that were later used by me in the practical world. I experienced simulations and practical courses from outside companies that contributed a lot to me. I have already integrated into the labor market during my degree.
I believe that:
Dr. Boaz Shalit Head of Specialization
In a modern world, which includes many specializations, it is not easy to locate and recruit the right person for the job and ensure that the job will suit both the person and the organization. Employee-related processes - locating, sorting, absorbing, training, promoting - have strategic significance in any modern organization. For this reason, the human resources managers in the modern organization are a strategic partner in outlining the vision, designing the business strategy and implementing it.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Ilanit David
Recruitment manager at HR PLUS
Keren Bar Dror Cohen
VP of Human Resources, IKEA
Efrat Rahat
VP of Human Resources, Leumi Card

More About the Program

Unique Certifications Diplomas – in cooperation with Adam Mila Human resource consulting in Tel Aviv and Lotem

In each academic year, students will receive two certifications in the field of human resource management, thus increasing the chances of getting a position into the labor market, already during their studies:

  • First year – certification in sorting a resume and conducting a telephone interview, from Adam Mila.
  • Second year – certification in training management and certification in training development, from Lotem.
  • Third year – Certification in the management of assessment centers and certification in recruitment skills, from Adam Mila

Video Journey: Specialization in Human Resource Management