Program Highlights

The Specialization in Accounting was founded in 1998 by Prof. Yaron Zelekha, former Accountant General of the State of Israel, who heads the program and teaches courses in it together with the best lecturers in Israel, including Prof. Shmuel Hauser, CPA Eli Peer, CPA Joav Piatkowski, CPA Liraz Tubul and more.
The percentage of graduates who pass the auditing board exams is among the highest in the country. Our graduates work in senior positions in government ministries and in financial management positions in leading companies.
A profession in very high demand on the part of the large financial firms.


60% of the CEOs of the leading companies in the Israeli economy studied economics, business administration or accounting.   If this is your destination, Ono is a great place to start.

Our accounting program will prepare you for senior management positions in a variety of industries including positions in banks, insurance companies.  Our graduates work as financial advisors, accountants, and analysts. The program imparts critical business and financial knowledge regarding all the major companies in the market as well as those working in senior management positions.

Graduates receive exemptions from 12 of the 14 Board of Auditors exams as do those from other academic institutions.

Among the topics studied in the program: economic policy management, accounting and bookkeeping, budget building and management, costing and management accounting, credit management and allocation, account auditing, internal auditing, payroll accounting, valuation of companies and analysis of financial reports, taxation and business law. The classic management in marketing, economics, human resources, business strategy and more.

What Kinds of Jobs Do Our Graduates Pursue Following Their Studies?

CFO or accountant at a large company, credit officer at a bank, accountant at small and large companies, independent accountant, manager at a consulting company and more.

I believe that:
טקסט אודותיו
Prof. Yaron Zelekha Founder and head of the Accounting department
One of the main reasons why I recommend studying accounting is that every deal, merger, acquisition, big company, new company, old company, requires accountants navigating to business success. This is the profession that will ensure you important success and work in the future.
Ono Students Speak
Assaf Laufer, CPA VP of Finance, Neviot
Studying at Ono contributed significantly to my career. The combination of a professional academic institution that thinks outside the box, alongside top-notch lecturers with business experience, definitely pushed me to excellence.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"The courses are at a very high level. For me, the most important thing was the flexibility that allowed me to work full-time while I studied."
Kfir Ilani
CPA, Director of the Tax Division at Deloitte
"Getting the tools from Prof. Yaron Zelekha that can save companies is something that has accompanied me in all my positions."
Amir Getahon
CPA, Chief Accountant at the Ministry of Tourism

More About the Program

  • 3 years for the degree + plus an additional year of internship (fourth year) for those interested in practicing accounting.
  • From year 2 onwards, the program requires additional hours and study days beyond the regular bachelor’s degree track in business administration.

Video Journey: Specialization in Accounting