Dr. Orit Lahav

Deputy Head of the Department of Occupational Therapy and Lecturer in the Department of Occupational Therapy


Dr. Orit Lahav heads the Laboratory for Teaching and Learning Research in the Department of Occupational Therapy. She is responsible for the field of social involvement and responsible for teaching in the Department of Occupational Therapy using the Problem Based Learning method. Dr. Lahav is the founder and academic consultant of the Center for Academic Support and Accessibility at the Ono Academic College. She is active in the UDL group and assimilating the approach among the college lecturers. Dr. Lahav is a lecturer at conferences in Israel and around the world. She managed the Forum of Occupational Therapists Specialists in Learning Disabilities on behalf of the Israeli Association for Occupational Therapy.


Post-Doctoral Fellowship
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2008).
Occupational Therapy, Tel Aviv University (2006).
Educational Counseling, Tel Aviv University (1997).
Occupational Therapy, Tel Aviv University (1989).

Teaching Areas

Social involvement among the population facing a disability (Merhav), facilitator and facilitator learning groups using the PBL (Problem Based Learning) method, lecturer in the field of diagnosis and cognitive rehabilitation, facilitator of training groups engaged in professional identity development, practical training, lecturer and group facilitator of research in research seminar course.

Research interests

Time planning and management among students, seniors and populations from different sectors. Developing a professional identity during studies. Examining student needs and teaching and learning accommodations for a wide range of students.