Shlomit Yanisky Ravid

Prof. Shlomit Yanisky-Ravid

Senior Lecturer in the College of Law


Prof. Yanisky-Ravid received her Ph.D. her in track for outstanding students from  the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and life sciences with honors from Bar Ilan University, as well as a bachelor’s degree with honors from Tel Aviv University. She served as lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University, and in the EMBA program. Prof. Yanisky-Ravid heads the “Women at Work” project, in collaboration with the Women’s Lobby in Israel. She is a board member of the Israeli Association for the Study of Labor Relations.


Prof. Yanisky-Ravid  serves as chair of the Legislation Committee of the Labor Law Forum, the Bar Association, and a national committee. She is a representative in the Knesset committees in all debates regarding labor law legislation.

Teaching Areas

Labor law, intellectual property, freedom of competition in the light of the right to property, equality in law, seminars in comparative law abroad.