Prof. Ron Kleinman

Professor in the Faculty of Law


LL.B. (Cum laude) and Ph.D. (Direct Track), Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan University; Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the Ono Academic Campus in the fields of Hebrew law and torts; Chairman of the Israeli Committee, World Association of Hebrew Law; Holder of Rabbinical Ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel; Editor of the Journal of Medical Law and Bioethics, Ono Academic College

Teaching Areas

Hebrew Law, Torts Law (Bachelor's Degree), Defamation Law (Master's Degree)

Research interests

Hebrew law: the interrelationship between halakhah, custom and civil law; Property and Commercial Practices - Interdisciplinary research that combines comparative law, realism and history; Sale of aliyahs, refreshments and places in the synagogue - legal, halakhic and social aspects.