Dr. Ornoy Hanna

Academic Director, Faculty of Business, Jerusalem Campus


Academic Director, Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Campus Jerusalem. Former Assistant Dean of the School of Business and Head of Internship at the Jerusalem Academic Institute of the Lander Institute. Teaching coordinator in the MBA program at the Open University, and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Bar Ilan University. Senior Advisor to Organizations in International Management


Organizational Behavior and Organizational Psycholog, The Hebrew University (2003).
Social Psychology and Organizational Sociology, The Hebrew University (1987) (cum laude).
Bachelor of Social Work and Sociology, The Hebrew University (1985).

Teaching Areas

Organizational Behavior, International Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Diagnosis, Ethics, Employee Sharing Processes, Executive Development, Introduction to Psychology.

Research interests

Relocation and business travel, cross-country work, culture differences, leadership and personality traits.