Dr. Nirit Lifshitz

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Professions in the Department of Occupational Therapy


Dr. Nirit Lifshitz is an Occupational Therapist, clinician, lecturer and researcher. She has many years of experience in diagnosing, treating, advising guidance and giving lectures in the field of developmental difficulties and learning disabilities among children and adolescents. Dr. Lifshitz is a partner in the development and translation of assessment tools and learning booklets on topics such as: manual writing, organization, impairment in the development of motor coordination and assessment of maintaining a healthy weight. She is also a partner in writing position papers on occupational therapy issues among a population with learning disabilities and eating problems. Dr. Lifshitz is a member of the Israeli and American associations for Occupational Therapy (ISOT and the American Association for Occupational Therapy). She is also a member of the Israeli Association for Child Development and Rehabilitation. Dr. Lifshitz edits articles in journals in the field of children and adolescents in Israel and around the world.


Post Doctorate Fellowship
Occupational Therapy, The Hebrew University (2009)
Occupational Therapy, University of Haifa (2007).
Occupational Therapy, The Hebrew University (1996).
Psychology, Bar Ilan University (1978).

Teaching Areas

Introduction to child development, occupational therapy in the field of children, diagnosis and treatment of occupational therapy in the field of children, occupational therapy from theory in practice, coordinator and facilitator of research seminars, and facilitator of simulations.

Research interests

Difficulties in functioning and personal well-being among children and adolescents dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders. To date, studies have focused mainly on difficulties in manual writing, difficulties in organizing, and difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight (obesity).