Dr. Mowafaq Qadach

Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities


Dr. Muwafaq Qadach is an expert in organizational learning, organizational development and organizational behavior of employees. As part of his research career, he has conducted many academic studies of teachers, administrators and students.


Bar Ilan University - PhD, educational management and leadership (2017)
Bar Ilan University, Educational Leadership. (2009)
Advanced Studies
Gordon College of Education -Bi-annual training for school administrators. (2009)
University of Haifa - Master's degree (without thesis) in Education. (2007)
University of Haifa – Management, Development of Educational Systems and Music with Honors (2007)

Teaching Areas

Leadership development and management, organizational behavior, quantitative research in organizations, negotiation, decision making, qualitative research.

Research interests

Leadership and management, collective ability of teachers, withdrawal behaviors, organizational commitment, organizational learning, international level research. The purpose of my research was to combine organizational theory with field application, drawing on findings from teachers and principals and students. Organizational-level models have been developed that link different characteristics of principals such as instructional leadership, cognitive complexity, ability to absorb, and teacher characteristics such as: organizational commitment, collective ability of teachers, shared vision in the school, flexibility in role, tendency to leave, and outcome variables and school effectiveness. Such as student achievement, overall satisfaction, and more. These studies have contributed world-class development of innovative models while adapting concepts to the education sector in the country that can contribute to the development of the educational and pedagogical system and to contribute to continuous school and organizational learning for both teachers and administrators to ensure effective quality of administration and organizations as a system that adapts to the frequent changes in the environment.