Dr. Michal Shapira

Deputy Dean for Teaching, Faculty of Business, and Head of the Department of Advertising and Marketing Communications


Director and Chairman of the Committee on Radio at the Second Television Authority. She is a member of several other committees on the Board of Directors of the Authority: TV Committee, Research Committee and Multiculturalism, the Committee for the Recruitment of Directors of the New Television Companies and the Committee for the Due Diligence of the Representation of Women in the Media. Researcher in the fields of cognitive science, communication and consumer behavior. She is a judge in the Effie Awards competition to promote marketing and advertising and in the Israeli Center for Service Competition. Active in forums, conferences and committees of influence in the media, digital and advertising sectors. Former VP and director of strategic research and planning at leading advertising agencies.


School of Human Resources, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010.
Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 2009.
Management, Tel Aviv University, 1994 (with honors).
Social Work, Tel Aviv University, 1986 (with honors).

Teaching Areas

Communication and Advertising Management, Strategic Planning, Advertising Seminar, Consumer Behavior.

Research interests

Cognitive Sciences, Selective Attention, Advertising and Consumer Behavior.