Dr. Menashe Cohen

Lecturer in the Law School

Contact m.c@ono.ac.il


Dr. Cohen is Director of the “Applied Academics” Department at Ono Academic College. He is the President of the Israeli Institute of Business Arbitration,  Chairman of the Association of Colleges and Private Schools. Dr. Cohen  is a Member of the Presidency of the Association of Chambers of Commerce.


Dr. Cohen is a member of various boards of directors and investment committees of funds in Israel and abroad. He is the founder of the “Thoughts” group, the largest legal training company in Israel.


Dr. Cohen specializes in professional analysis of bureau exams and preparation for these exams, including writing professional literature, preparing lecture sets for courses and more. In this framework, he trained more than 40,000 lawyers,


He wrote and edited many dozens of professional books in the field of law which have sold two million copies.


Faculty of Law, University of Haifa.
Executive Track, Tel Aviv University.
Master of Laws, Tel Aviv University
Bachelor of Laws, Tel Aviv University.

Teaching Areas

Civil Procedure, Enforcement of Debts and Insolvency, Contract Law