Dr. Ella Been

Head of the Department of Sports Therapy, Faculty of Health Professions


Dr. Ella Been is a physiotherapist and expert in the treatment and rehabilitation of children with developmental problems. She engages in interdisciplinary research that combines clinical knowledge as a physiotherapist with anatomical knowledge and understanding of human evolution in order to study and understand the posture and means of walking of ancient man.


Post-Doctoral Fellowship
2010, Depatment of Physiotherapy, Ben Gurion University.
2006, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
1990, in Physiotherapy, Tel Aviv University (with honors).

Teaching Areas

Anatomy of the human body, including applied anatomy and dissection. Kinesiology, movement theory, diagnosis and treatment of posture problems. The development of the typical and atypical child. Manual treatment methods in physiotherapy.

Research interests

Spine - anatomy, development, pathology and evolution; Posture - functional, evolutionary and pathological aspects; Human evolution with an emphasis on the transition to bipedal walking.