Prof. Eli Cohen

Head of Internship Business Management, Faculty of Business Administration


Member of the Faculty of Business at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, editor of international journals, judge of scientific papers for international journals such as Food Quality and Preference, British Food Journal. Member of the Faculty of Marketing at the University of South Australia. Lecturer in graduate programs in wine and alcoholic beverages business in Bordeaux, France and Hong Kong. Member of the Steering Committee of the Wine Academy, holding scientific conferences in the field. He conducted international courses in Israel on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulting in the food industry and chemistry in implementing quality management systems.


Food Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1995).
Food Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1982).
Chemical Engineering, Food Technology and Biotechnology, Technion (1967).

Teaching Areas

Food Science, Food and Beverage Management, Quality Management, Quantitative Research Methods.

Research interests

Healthcare information systems, cloud computing, strategic enterprise information systems.