Dr. Arie Jacobi

Head of the bachelor's degree program in computer science and senior lecturer in the business administration faculty in information systems specialization


Dr. Jacobi is a researcher in the fields of Mathematical Modeling, Complexity – Social Networks, Data Science, Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), and Approximation Theory. His academic experience enables him to conduct interdisciplinary research, integrating tools from various areas, such as numerical analysis and approximation theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and multi-dimensional data visualization technologies, and to apply these tools to other fields that need advanced mathematical modeling and solutions, for example, finance, the world of medicine and social networks.

As part of his academic work, Dr. Jacobi has published in well-established journals, and he is involved in national research collaborations, joint research projects, presentations at conferences, conference organization, and as a reviewer for international academic journals.  He wrote three academic programs for B.Sc. in Computer Science and Software Engineering that were approved by the Council for Higher Education and were activated successfully, including the computer science program at OAC.

Dr. Jacobi’s professional experience includes 32 years (1982–2014) of engineering and management positions in the Israeli software and information systems industries. During these years, he managed large international projects for various companies (including Bay Networks, Nortel Networks, Amdocs) and startup companies. In parallel to his career in the hi-tech industry, Dr. Jacobi held managerial positions as head of the computer science and software engineering departments at different academic institutions for seven years.

Working in both academia and hi-tech industry, provided Dr. Jacobi with a broad integrative perspective that significantly enriches his research, teaching, academic program writing, and his consulting activities at the hi-tech industry.


Professional Activities

Dr. Jacobi is a senior consultant for the hi-tech industry, with expertise in planning, design, development of innovative products, that integrate up-to-date and advanced technologies from the fields of mechanics, robotics, development of large information systems, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, web, and mobile, in order to produce added value to the business of the organization.


Department of Computer Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. 1995
1998 .Magna cum laude. Department of Computer Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Magna cum laude. Department of Computer Science & Mathematics, History of Art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. 1995.

Teaching Areas

• Information Systems: Project Management; Web Technologies; Quality Assurance; Object-Oriented Programming; Database Theory and Implementation; Analysis and Design using UML; Introduction courses in Information Systems. • Computer Science: Introduction courses; Computer Structure & Architecture; Object-Oriented Programming (C++, Java); Computer Networks; Data Structures and Algorithms; Software Engineering; Scientific Computing; Automata Theory and Formal Languages; Graph Theory; Computer Aided Geometric Design and Computer Graphics.

Research interests

Dr. Jacobi’s research interests are mainly in the areas of (i) Mathematical Modeling with emphasis on Financial Modeling; (ii) Complexity with emphasis on Social Networks; (iii) Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; and (iv) Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) and Approximation Theory.

Selected Publications