Program Highlights

Work options after graduation include companies such as hearing aid and implant companies, supportive communication software companies, building platforms for the treatment and training of language impairments, steering, sound and stuttering, companies that deal with accessibility and more.
Collaboration in clinical training with organizations for the hearing impaired, the Magen project of the Ministry of Education, language enrichment projects in kindergartens in low socioeconomic status areas and more.
Clinical instruction includes training at the Ono Simulation Center including clinical experience in the health, education and community systems.


Our unique human ability to communicate through language, speech and hearing is a fascinating process that is at the forefront of scientific and technological research in the field of neuroscience. Early detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of communication disorders are the areas of practice of communication clinicians. At Ono Academic College, you will receive, from a leading academic and clinical staff, the tools to become a groundbreaking speech therapist in the treatment, research and leadership of the changing society in Israel.

Did you know that speech therapy is ranked 11th in the list of the 50 most sought-after professions in the US? The capabilities of human communication through language, speech and hearing are irreplaceable.

The studies last about three and a half years (including practical training). Upon completion, graduates must pass certification exams from the Ministry of Health to obtain a professional certificate in communication disorders.

Academic studies take place alongside intensive clinical experience periods (practicum). The combination of them is the key to acquiring practical tools and development as a therapist and professional. The practical training is done during the studies and includes a clinical experience of about 1,000 academic hours. The training enables exposure to the most advanced working methods in the field, in the leading treatment and rehabilitation centers in the country.

The first year mainly includes basic studies, such as anatomy, physiology, English, statistics, computers, research methods and an introduction to psychology. In addition, in the first year, observations are made of the normal development of children aged 0-6 years. These observations are a necessary basis for clinical experience in the more advanced years.

Years 2-4 include more advanced studies in the fields studied in the first year as well as various courses in the core areas of the communication clinician profession: normal language development, language disorders in children, steering disorders, acquired language disorders, basic and advanced audiology, hearing disorders in children, Hearing aids, stuttering, neurogenic language disorders in old age, voice disorders, ways to change the intervention and treatment of psychology, noise and its effect on the person, hearing rehabilitation, and more. In addition, the third-fourth years include research seminars in the fields of language and speech.

Voice of a Graduate
Sandy Abu al-Adas After graduating, continued to study for a PhD in Communication Disorders at NYU
The program has the best lecturers in the country. It’s just like that. Their knowledge and guidance built me professionally. As an Arab, it was important for me to integrate into working with the Arab population and they also allowed me to work during the experience alongside an Arabic-speaking clinician, which helped me a lot later on.
I believe that:
Dr. Hanna Putter-Katz Head of Program
היכולת האנושית הייחודית שלנו לתקשר באמצעות שפה, דיבור ושמיעה היא תהליך מרתק שנמצא בחזית המחקר המדעי והטכנולוגי בתחום מדעי המוח. איתור מוקדם, אבחון וטיפול ומניעה של תקלות בתקשורת בין בני אדם הם תחומי העשייה של קלינאי התקשורת. בקריה האקדמית אונו תקבלו, מסגל אקדמי וקליני מוביל, את הכלים להיות קלינאי תקשורת פורצי דרך בטיפול, במחקר ובהובלת שינוי פני החברה בישראל.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Mazal Shato
Speech Therapist
"This is a place full of good memories for me. During this period, I expanded my horizons, acquired a great deal of in-depth knowledge from the leaders of the field in the country and also formed friendships for life."

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