Program Highlights

A winning team of lecturers from the music industry: Rafi Kadishzon, Danny Robas, Rachel Hochman, Dr. Moshe Morad, Dr. Ari Katorza, Tomer Zedekiah, Benzi Gafni, Avner Kenner, Uri Zach, Prof. Tzvi Avni and others will teach you and accompany you all the way.
Our music complex is one of the most advanced in Israel and even the world. It includes state-of-the-art study facilities, well-equipped rehearsal rooms, professional studios and a magnificent concert hall.
The Jonathan Wohl School of Music at Ono Academic College is a leader among music institutions in the country and its standards match the most advanced music schools in the world.

More About the Program

  • The Jonathan Wohl School of Music of Ono Academic College represents the successful merger with the programs of the Hed College of Music which occurred in 2012. Ono’s program has been recognized by Israel’s Council of Higher Education to award a bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary music (Mus).
  • The Jonathan Wohl School of Music is a partnership with the Jewish National Fund. JNF UK awards scholarships to residents of Southern Israel for undergraduate studies in music, for the development and promotion of art, academic education and musical employment in the Southern periphery.

Video Journey: B.Mus. Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Music