Program Highlights

The program offers the largest number of digital courses in Israel, along with workshops in digital media management, social networks and imparting practical skills from the world of advertising and marketing.
Collaborations with industry-leading companies.
Unique applied certifications authorizations with the "La’am" company (the Government Press Office).


This degree addresses questions like: Why do some social media posts make you stop and pay attention? Why do you have more passion for one product than another? Why are there social protest movments that you have joined and others that you have ignored? One of the main reasons is – marketing and advertising. From the products we buy in the supermarket to the politicians we vote for – everything is branded, marketed and publicized. To really make an impact, to dictate trends and create change – you have to know how to do it right. And that’s exactly what we’ll teach you here.

Among the topics of study: media and advertising management, psychology and advertising, creativity in advertising, product development, digital marketing, start-up development workshop, spokespersons and public relations, press and media relations, brand management, promotion on Facebook, Google, Instagram and more.

Voice of a Graduate
Rami Rushkeviz Co-CEO of Gray Contact, the marketing content company of the Adler-Chomski Group
An amazing learning experience. I am grateful for the knowledge, interest and contribution to my professional toolbox.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Etgar Spivak
CEO and Founder of FIXEL
Dudi Hevron
Co-owner of the Hevron-Salzman advertising agency
Oren Revach
CEO of the Estee Lauder Israel Group (Alkalil)

Video Journey: When are new products successful?