Program Highlights

Learning takes place in small groups with personal attention. Studies combines theory and practical training, The program includes simulations with simulated patients.
Clinical training that exposes you to the working methods of the leading treatment and rehabilitation centers in the country, including institutions of the health and in the education system.
The program prepares graduates to work in the profession immediately upon graduation with maximum preparation for field work through many practical exercises.


For occupational therapists, the moment when your patient manages to function again and begins to believe in himself – is priceless. At Ono Academic College you can study, this unique therapeutic profession and prepare yourself for many such moments. If you have always wanted to be in a profession that restores functionality to people, and to design an accessible human and physical environment for him or her, our unique program will give you the best possible. Occupational therapy includes working with diverse populations from infancy to old age, and integration into a variety of frameworks such as hospitals, health funds, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Welfare and the possibility of working in a private clinic.

If the therapeutic mission is burning in you, or if you want to make the transition to a profession with real added value, this is your place.

Among the topics of study:

  • The first year mainly includes basic studies such as anatomy, physiology, English, statistics, computers, research methods and an introduction to psychology. Students are integrated into the Merhav project – social involvement in the community – as a necessary basis for clinical experience in the continuation of the track.
  • Years 2-4 include more advanced studies and various courses: occupational therapy in the field of children and mental health, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, gerontology, upper limb rehabilitation, kinesiology, ergonomics and accessibility, activity analysis, group therapy, diagnosis and treatment of children, diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairments , Technology and computers, director of occupational therapy services, as well as recovery, rehabilitation and integration in the community. During these years, academic studies take place alongside intensive clinical training periods, and this combination is the key to acquiring practical tools and developing as a therapist and professional.
Voice of a Graduate
Maya Camille Bavli Graduate
Occupational therapy studies at the Ono Academic College have included many practical experiences including field training that have contributed to theoretical and practical understanding. During my studies, the personal attitude and professionalism on the part of the academic staff was felt, which contributed to my sense of connection to the profession and the feeling of being able to do something professional.
I believe that:
Dr. Naomi Ferziger Head of Program
As occupational therapists we believe that every person, with or without limitation, from infancy to old age, has the desire and right to be involved in meaningful occupations. The studies in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Ono are fascinating and rich in knowledge from various fields. Human functioning is a complex thing, so in order to improve human abilities, students learn to analyze the various functioning systems - motor skills, feeling, cognition, emotion and to integrate between these systems. Our students learn from innovative and applied teaching methods. I am proud of the success of our graduates in integrating into diverse work frameworks, with different populations and pursuing graduate degrees in Israel and around the world.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Vered Goldman-Gerber
Occupational Therapist at Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus
"I had many significant experiences learning at Ono from people who really love what they do. They dare to think differently. It's contagious and it continues with me."
Dovrat Cohen
Occupational Therapist at Geha Hospital and Gil Nursing Home
"Ono is home. The best lecturers there are. I got the best tools to deal as an occupational therapist, a perfect combination of professional academia with preparation for field work."
Ophir Luz Dekel
Occupational Therapist at Ofek School and Southern Sharon Region MATYA (Local/Regional Support Center)
"The program provided a robust connection between the rich theory and diverse experiences in the field. There is a professional infrastructure which helps me grow every day and use the important tools I have gained which include love for the profession and patients, curiosity for knowledge, mental flexibility and creativity"

More About the Program

  • The Ono Academic College is proud to be the first private academic institution to receive certification from Israel’s Council of Higher Education to award a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (.B.O.T).
  • Occupational therapy studies last about three and a half years (including practical training). Upon completion, graduates must pass certification exams from the Ministry of Health to obtain a professional certificate in occupational therapy.

Video Journey: Occupational Therapy