Program Highlights

Use and familiarity with advanced technologies - the student will be exposed to new content and developments in medicine, to various types of technologies that serve as a basis for monitoring / treating the patient, the use of visual communication means for diagnosis and guidance for treatment and more.
Interpersonal communication - broad skills of interpersonal communication accompanied by innovative practice. The studies aim to inculcate an effective and constructive nurse-patient therapeutic relationship.חבות של תקשורת בין אישית תוך ליווי של תרגול באמצעים חדשניים. תחום זה ילווה את התוכנית כחוט השני לכל אורך שנות הלימוד, ליצירת קשר טיפולי יעיל ובונה של אחות -מטופל ובהתאם לשלב הלימודים.
As part of the students’ elective courses, they can earn a certificate from: a health coach from the Center for External Studies of Ono Academic College or a certificate of participation in a training program for integrated digital content development, from Lotem and the Center for External Studies at Ono Academic College.

More About the Program

As part of the studies, students will engage in field work at leading health centers in hospitals, community treatment facilities, mental health hospitals. Advanced clinical experience (internship).The Council for Higher Education has approved the opening of the program. The award of the degree is conditional on its approval. The program’s safety net the Faculty of Nursing at Ariel University.

Eight Advantages of Ono's Nursing Program