Program Highlights

The leading specialization in Israel in the fields of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis and focus on managing an ongoing and systematic process of entrepreneurship and innovation, leading effective strategic change and building agile organizations.
Practical experience (practicum) in leading companies in the field of strategy, open innovation and entrepreneurship such as: Let-Lab Incubator, SouthUp Incubator, InfraLab Incubator, Innovation at Enel Group, Innovation at Bosch, Implementation of Strategies, GoNoGo, Competitive Advantages, Effective Plan, TheDock, And more.
Our lecturers come from the core of the business world and have diverse and complementary perspectives that will upgrade your thinking ability, tools and professional skills. Faculty include: Dr. Gil Avnimelech, Dr. Boaz Shalit, Dr. Ohad Raf and other lecturers


The specialization in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship is the only one in Israel that deals with the management of an ongoing and systematic process of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategic change. In the internship, we will provide you with tools for building infrastructure, processes and organizational culture for creating an agile and flexible organization (Agility).

In an age of dynamic markets, globalization, crises and disruptive events, the ability to initiate, innovate and change is a significant competitive advantage for organizations. In the internship, you will learn to make strategic decisions, manage processes of change and innovation, and make intelligent use of internal and external organizational entrepreneurship. We will give you a deep strategic understanding and diverse and innovative thinking patterns while acquiring tools and skills to manage these processes.

Among the study topics in the specialization: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, Growth Strategies (Global and Corporate), Strategic Change Management, Innovation Management in Organizations, Open Innovation Management and Venture Capital, Strategic Simulation for Business and more.

Voice of a Graduate
Shaked Wax Global Technical Sales Manager at IBM
I arrived after 15 years of industry experience and the degree still renewed me. Everything I learned - I applied in my role: strategy, innovative thinking, practical models. Tools that were critical to staying relevant and continuing to grow and succeed in my field
Voice of a Graduate
Roni Kedar Strategy and Marketing Manager, at STXI Motion
Everything fell into place during the internship. Each lesson managed to challenge the status quo and make me think about how I apply the insights as early as tomorrow morning. Indeed, not a day goes by without the words vision and vocation guiding me in my role and personal life.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Entrepreneur and CEO, Aura Smart Air
Aviad Schneiderman
"I entered an internship at a crossroads in my career - whether to pursue a military career or embark on an entrepreneurial adventure - and I completed the internship if a clear decision to become an entrepreneur and with the tools necessary to implement that decision"
Graduate of the 2018 cycle
VP of Marketing and Sales, DSV Israel
Limor Gil Sheni
"The studies in the internship merged perfectly for me with leading a move to promote open innovation in society. This internship is the leading in Israel in the field of open innovation in corporations and the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Israel. Dr. Gil Avnimelech was the right person to connect practical theory to the real world and he did it in a professional and fascinating way."
Graduate of the 2019 class
Deputy Director of the SpaceIL Program
Eran Schmidt
"Even after 25 years of experience in management and development positions in the Israeli high-tech industry, my studies specializing in strategy and business entrepreneurship have added tools and helped me succeed in a senior management position in the challenging and exciting SpaceIL project."
Graduate of the 2014 class

Video Journey: M.B.A. Specialization in Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship