Program Highlights

Learn the science of human understanding, what motivates people. Acquire a professional infrastructure for the future study and work in therapy, counseling or management.
The program explores the possible future use of art as a therapeutic tool. The program offers preparation for graduates to study for an MA degree in arts therapies or a master's degree in psychology
The program includes the possibility of certificate study in one of two fields: video therapy or dog therapy.


The Program of Study

The B.A. program in Behavioral Sciences which integrates the arts is built upon the understanding of the special connection between these fields and the reciprocal relationship between them as regards the individual, society and culture.

The program deals with human behavior as it manifests itself in the individual (psychology), the society (sociology) and the culture (anthropology). The program of study combines theoretical, practical and artistic courses.  The various art forms provide students with unique tools to deal with feelings and experiences that the developmental process may have reduced. The program aims to understand and process these feelings and experiences. Sociologists and anthropologists have discovered that this dynamic also operates at the societal level and the use of the arts for these goals characterizes all societies.

The arts influence the way in which society relates to the subjects such as: war, poverty, the environment, gender relations, etc.  In parallel, the arts, those who engage in them and their attitudes are influenced by society. The combination of theoretical, practical and artistic studies with the behavioral sciences creates a unique mix that grants the graduates the creative tools to discuss the relevant subjects, research and analyze them, and to act to apply them.  All this happens in the course of an academic, experiential and unique journey of personal growth and professional development, in order to create a significant contribution to the individual and to society.

Choice of Certification Programs

Students can choose one of two certification possibilities: video therapy or therapeutic canine.

The studies include theoretical and practical training.


What is dog therapy?

If you love dogs your place is with us! After all, the dog is not only man’s best friend, he is also a partner in therapeutic processes that help children, teens and adults deal with the distress they are experiencing. The dog is a partner in the treatment and counseling process and helps bring about change in people’s lives.

In this track, you will learn how to integrate a dog as a partner in care, acquire skills on how to connect the dog with the patient, and learn how dog care helps with a variety of problems such as ADHD, social anxiety, coping emotionally with divorce, loss, failure, and more.

The studies include practical training – at the Kfar Maas Kennel.


What are video therapy studies?

Do you want to help people in crisis?Do you believe that changes can be made for the better?

The specialization in video therapy is probably suitable for you as well.

Students will learn how producing and watching movies, creates significant changes in the emotional and functional space and improves people’s quality of life.

Upon graduation, graduates of the Video Therapy specialization program will be able to mentor and guide groups through the use of video and filmmaking.

In order to be successful in training, no prior knowledge is required and everything necessary for the development of the skills will be learned within the framework of the unique training.

In the certificate program, screenwriting, filming, acting, and film production serve as therapeutic, educational, and social tools to assist in situations of distress, crisis, or difficulty.

The internship program will prepare students to integrate into education, care and community settings.

Upon graduation, students will receive a professional certificate from the Sharon Israel Center, and will be able to apply their studies in this innovative and developing field that is in increasing demand.

The Sharon Israel Center is the oldest, largest and most professional center in the field and serves as the center of the video therapy professional community of in Israel.

The Video Therapy Center operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, is an active partner in the National Program for Children and Youth at Risk 360, operates therapeutic and educational programs of the Ministry of Social Services and the Ministry of Homeland Security, and operates more than 200 video therapy groups each year.

Studies include hands-on classroom experience, learning key theories and a field practicum

Our Program Graduates Speak

Students are beginning the specialization in Video Therapy this year
Students are beginning the specialization in Dog Therapy this year

Study Days and Placement

More About the Program

Ono Academic College is the only place in the country that combines certificate studies in the fields of video therapy and dog therapy during a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences.

The degree connects students to practical and up-to-date knowledge in the fields of treatment and counseling from the first year. It provides integration in the labor market in a field with high demand. The teaching staff is experienced in counseling and treatment.

Among the core topics of the program:

  • Counseling and therapy skills.
  • Relationships and parenting in the 21st century.
  • Social Psychology.
  • Personal and social aspects of addictions.
  • Team work
  • Processes and dynamics in the family.
  • Anxiety treatment.
  • Children and youth at risk.
  • Preliminary studies to Arts therapies


The program includes the possibility of training towards receiving a professional certificate during the degree in one of two fields:

  • Videotherapy
  • Dog therapy


Studies include training and hands-on experience.

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