Prof. Ben-Assuli Ofir

Director of Technology Entrepreneurship (Focus on Information Systems) Specialization (Graduate Level) M.B.A. Director of Information Systems Research Fields

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Prof. Ben-Assuli is an associate professor in the Faculty of Business Administration at Ono Academic College in the fields of Bio-Informatics, Data Mining, Health Analytics, Information Systems and Information Systems Policy; Business-technology consultant for management and operation of ‎technological systems.
He has published, in well-established journals including:  MIS Quarterly, European Journal of Information Systems, Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Medical Informatics, Health Policy, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making and the Journal of Medical Systems.
He serves at the Editorial Board Associate Editor at several journals and among them: Health Policy and Technology journal.
Prof. Ben-Assuli has been awarded several international and Israeli grants for his research. He received funding from the U.S. – Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), the German-Israeli Foundation (GIF), the National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research (NIHP), among others. Prof. Ben-Assuli has also been awarded several prizes for excellence in research and among them: the best paper of the year in Decision Sciences journal.
In the past, he developed Information Systems for MLL and worked in a variety of technological positions at the computer communications company Rad-Binat, among other positions.


Medical Information Systems, Information Systems Department, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv ‎University- 2011
magna cum laude, School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem- 2005
magna cum laude, in economics and computer science, Ben-Gurion University of the ‎Negev- 2002

תחומי הוראה

Mathematics for Business Administration; Decision Support Systems; Data Mining, Decision-Making and Implementation in Information Systems and Information Systems Policy.

תחומי מחקר

Bio-Informatics, Data Mining in the Medical Arena, Econometrics, Health Analytics, Economics of Health, Medical Decision-Making, Information Systems Policy and Value of Information in the Decision-Making Process.

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