Dr. Jonathan Bezalel

Lecturer in Finance and Psychology and Fundamentals of Finance. Faculty member of the Faculty of Business Administration


Dr. Yonatan Bezalel began his career as a student at the Bank of Israel and from there moved to the private market as an economics and purchasing analyst at Intel. Since 2008 in the public service.
Initially as a senior economist in the budget division of the Ministry of Health and since 2010 in a number of senior positions in the Ministry of Finance – the Accountant General’s Division.
In the years 2020-2021, he served as CFO of the Government Tourism Company (HMAT).
He is currently a senior deputy accountant in the Prime Minister’s Office and the CFO of a number of ministries and trust units, including the National Security Headquarters, the Economic Council, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Ministry of Diaspora, the Ministry of Settlement and the National Civil Service Authority.


Management and Economics - University of Leicester
Business Administration with with specialization in finance and banking - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Economics and Business Administration - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Teaching Areas

Funding, psychology and sociology in management, behavioral economics, decision making under conditions of uncertainty, motivations.

Research interests

Motivations and meaning in funding actions and economic interactions, crowd funding, socio-cultural issues in economics, gender differences in finance and economics.