On Monday, April 4, 2002, Ono Academic College will host the conference “Our Judaism – The History of Ethiopian Jewry and its Heritage” in its Dganit Auditorium.  In addition to Ono, other co-sponsors include: the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Zalman Shazar Center, the Aaleh Batamar Association for the Study of the Heritage of Yemenite Jewry and its Culture, the Azrieli Center for Israel Studies at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Yeshiva University and the American Sephardi Federation’s Institute of Jewish Experience.

The conference seeks to present a complete picture of the state of research on the history of Ethiopian Jews and knowledge of the main trends in current research on the subject. The conference will be attended by some of the most important scholars in the field of Jewish history and the heritage of Ethiopian Jewry, as well as by leaders and activists from the Ethiopian community in Israel. The conference will combine aspects of history, heritage and society and will present as broad a range of knowledge as possible about the history of Ethiopian Jews.

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