Dean Faculty: Prof. Yuval Elbashan


The Ono Academic College Faculty of Law considers the study of law to be a fascinating experience. At its conclusion, you will have received an academic degree, the training to practice law and the skills to integrate into many and varied fields.


The way in which you analyze events, your ability to get to the heart of a problem, to raise awareness through original and unconventional approaches and perspectives, your ability for understanding and abstraction, your written and verbal expression, the language you will acquire, your interactive talents of negotiation and decision making and the development of sensitivity to various subjects – all these will change significantly in the future. They will even change the way you perceive the realities of daily life.


 These are studies which are preparation for life


This outlook makes the Ono Academic College Faculty of Law very unique. The uniqueness is seen in the excellent composition of the academic staff whom you will meet during your studies and in the curricula, which present an optimum synthesis between academic studies and clinical practical instruction. In addition, you will study enrichment courses not in the legal field, meant to instill broad general knowledge in the fields of humanities.


The law curriculum includes basic legal subjects as well as legal specializations in commercial law, civil law, criminal and public law, as well as legal practice.


The Faculty of Law instituted major reform in the curriculum according to which each compulsory theoretical course is accompanied by practical and clinical instruction, taught by lawyers who are experts in their field. This is to ensure that graduates receive practical, applied tools for entry into the employment market immediately upon graduation.


The Ono Academic College LLB program enables students to cope with the challenges of a free market at a national and international level of excellence, including rights, needs and sensitivities of humankind. The academic experience enriches the students and provides them with legal knowledge and tools that serve as an added value in any profession or career path chosen.  In addition to being an intellectually challenging experience, the study of law equips students with tools that apply to everyday life and which can be used to develop a professional career in the business world.


The curriculum is taught by leading lecturers in their field in Israel: Prof. Zohar Goshen, Prof. Dudi Schwartz, Prof. Zipora Cohen, Prof. Yitshak Cohen, Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Prof. Ron Kleinman, Prof. Amichai Cohen, Dr. Rivi Cohen, Dr. Leah Paserman-Josefov and more, and includes legal clinics, seminars and advanced courses on various legal disciplines.


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