Dean Faculty: Prof. Yaron Zelekha


The Ono Academic College Faculty of Business Administration curriculum offers a bachelor's degree in Business Administration as well specializations in Accounting, Marketing and Advertising, Finance and the Capital Market, Information Systems Analysis and Human Resource Management. It is constructed especially for farsighted students who are interested in acquiring practical tools for management so that they can enter the job market immediately upon completion of the studies.


Studies at Ono Academic College in general and in business administration in particular, are based on the central principle of Applied Academics which prepare the student for a specific professional role while instilling him/her with work methods that promote integrative perception as well as a focus on the field chosen. During the course of their studies, students will be taught by the best teaching faculty in Israel. Along with high quality instruction, the lecturers integrate their proven practical and management experience. The curriculum includes field trips to organizations and companies, practical experimentation and guest lectures.


Ono Academic College grants the B.A. degree accredited by the Council for Higher Education. It is authorized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, the Israel Securities Authority and the Association of Information Systems Analysts. Graduates and employers have praised the curriculum, its course content and the unique study atmosphere at Ono Academic College.


The curriculum is structured to enable the student to integrate full time employment with high quality academic studies that have an applied orientation. Thus the student can study while gaining practical experience. Our employment office guides the student toward career management from the first day of studies.

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