Dean of Faculty: Prof. Arie Gabius


The modern, technological world in which we live opens up a variety of options and opportunities for building a successful business operating in many markets or working in varied professions related to economics, including accounting, business consulting, and investment management. There is also increasing demand for graduates in business administration who are trained and able to make quick decisions and be responsible for steering businesses to success in the Israel and international markets.

A degree in business administration that combines a comprehensive, enriching curriculum with a practical orientation.

The Faculty of Business Administration at Ono Academic College is designed for students with broad vision and business thinking who want to acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge alongside practical experience and advanced management tools appropriate for the modern business world.


The program is designed to train graduates to meet the demands of the market and give them the comprehensive knowledge and important, practical tools needed to lead change in the Israeli economy and society.


Ono Academic College offers a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BA) that facilitates rapid integration into the job market, and a master’s degree (MBA) with unique specializations, in fields the job market seeks.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.A.)

The undergraduate curriculum in business administration is tailored to students looking for a theoretical, comprehensive foundation in business administration and practical managerial tools so that can find their place in the workforce immediately upon graduation. Students specialize in one of a variety of subjects:

Specializations in Business Administration:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting (an additional year is required for the CPA board exams).
  • Accounting and Information Systems Analysis
  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Management Technology
  • Information Systems Analysis
  • Human Resource Management

Uniqueness of Ono Academic College:

Training certificates:

  • The pension track includes qualification for a license in pension consulting and marketing.
  • The investments track includes qualification for licenses in investment counseling license and investment portfolio management.

Master’s degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Faculty of Business Administration at Ono Academic College invites you to participate in a uniquely rich and varied MBA program that will train you for senior management positions. The program provides valuable, in-depth tools and broad, comprehensive knowledge, evaluative skills, and practical tools that are an essential foundation for any successful manager who leads change.


  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Technological Entrepreneurship and Information Systems
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Enterprise Management Studies (Organizational Consulting)
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Systems Management
  • Environmental Management
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