Executive Summary

– Israeli author, Community lawyer, respected academic and esteemed social activist with record of grass roots and entrepreneurial establishment of programs dedicated to social justice.

– Serving as both Senior Lecturer at the Hebrew University Faculty of Law and Director of Citizen Rights Centers of YEDID – The Association for Community Empowerment.

– Published seven books – including a book of poems "Yesterday finished trimming the bushes" (1994), " Strangers in the Realm of the Law" – the access to justice in Israel (2005) a novel "Forever Flora" (Yedioth Books, 2009) won critical acclaim and sold over 35,000 copies to date; a children's book "Peanut the mouse and the cruel glue" ( 2010); a novel for young people of all ages "Sifu – Unfinished Story" (2011) and the novel "The Masada Case"

– Serving since 1987 as an officer in elite unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. Now as a major in reserve.

– Served as an advisor to the israeli defense ministers Amir Peretz and Ehud Barak on social issues.

– Contributing editor to Ma'ariv's weekly column dedicated to social issues.

– Established and directed the Human Rights Unit at the Academic College of Law and the Clinical Center for Social Responsibility and Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

– Earned a LL.B in Law from Tel Aviv University and an LL.M in Law from the Hebrew University, both with highest honors.

Professional Experience
2007 – Present Director of YEDID's Citizen Rights Center Network
YEDID – The Association for Community Empowerment
2003 – 2007 Founder & Director of The Center for Clinical Legal Education for Human Rights and Social Responsibility
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2000 – 2003 Founder & Director of the School for Human Rights Lawyering
Academic College of Law (ACL) in Ramat Gan
1998 – 2000 Founder & Director of the Legal Department
YEDID – The Association for Community Empowerment
1997 – 1998 Member of Think-Tank on the Proposed Israeli Constitution
Israel Democracy Institute, Jerusalem
1996 – 1997 Legal Intern
The Supreme Court of Israel

Teaching Experience
2000 – Present Senior Lecturer (Adjunct) in the Faculty of Law and Paul Baerwald School of Social Work Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Lecturing on the subjects of social rights, poverty and law, access to justice and human rights. Teaching both Bachelors and Masters students in the Faculty of Law and Bachelors students in the School of Social Work.
1996 – 2000 Instructor of Criminal Law
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law
Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law
1993 – 1996 Facilitator, Legal Seminars
Council for the Advancement of the Rule of Law and Democracy in Israel
Provided public educational seminars for underprivileged populations on subject of rights and benefits.
1993 – 1996 High School Teacher – Legal Studies
Tel Aviv University, Center for Community Action
Taught legal and civil studies in various high schools as part of the Tel Aviv University program.

Community & Public Involvement
2007- Present Chairman of The Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
The Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Centers
2007- 2008 Broadcaster and producer
Hamishmar Haezrachi (Citizen Patrol) television program
Broadcasting and producing of a regular legal advice slot on television
2006 Labor Candidate to the 17th Knesset
2003 – 2004 Member of the Committee for Reform of the Legal Aid Law (1972)
Ministry of Justice
2002 – Present Founder & Co-leader
Forum of Organizations for Social Change
This forum is the largest coalition of social organizations in Israel.
2000 – 2006 Member, Board of Directors
Public Committee against Torture in Israel
1999 – 2001 Advisor
Parliamentary Committee to Investigate Inequality and Social Gaps in Israel
Headed by MK Ran Cohen
1997 – 2001 Member
The Social Alliance of MK Shlomo Ben Ami
1996 – 1998 Founder
Matzach – Attorneys for Social Justice and Human Rights in the Israeli Bar Association.
1995 – 1997 Legal Volunteer
National Council for the Protection of the Child

1997 Certification, Attorney at Law
Israeli Bar Association
1997 – 1999 Master’s Degree (L.L.M)
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
With highest honors
1993 – 1996 Bachelor’s of Law (L.L.B)
Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
With highest honors (2nd in a year of 410)
Dean’s List, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years

2009 Book Publisher Association’s Gold Prize for 2009 novel, “Forever Flora”
2008 Recipient of Erasmus Mundus grant developing Culture of Human Rights by the European Union
2005 & 2007 Chosen as one of the "Ten most positive influences in the social area” by The Marker newspaper
2004 & 2005 Chosen as one of three "Attorneys of the Year" by The Advocate, journal of the Tel Aviv Bar Association
2004 Chosen as a "Person of the Year in Law" by Globes


The Masada Case (Yediot Acharonot Publications, 2012)
Sipu – Unfinished Story (Yediot Acharonot Publications, 2011)
Peanut The Mouse and the Cruel Glue (a children’s fable) (Hakibutz Hameuchad, 2010)
Forever Flora – A Novel (Yediot Acharonot Publications, 2009)
Strangers in the Realm of the Law (Access to Justice in Israel) (Hakibutz Hameuchad, 2005)
The Law and The Child, Tamar Morag and Yuval Elbashan, Editors (Hagigim, 1996)
Criminal Law in Light of Amendment 39 to Israel’s Criminal Statutes, Shahar Alder and Yuval Elbashan (Etika, 1995)
Yesterday They Finished Trimming the Bushes, (poetry), Yuval Elbashan (Aked, 1994)

From 2002, Columnist for Ma’ariv (the second largest daily newspaper in Israel).
Numerous publications in major daily newspapers and magazines, such as, Yediot Aharonot, Haaretz and Globes on Access to Justice, Democracy and Human Rights, and in Professional Law Review’s including:
“Barak Obama, Community Lawyer” Ma’asei Mishpat – Tel Aviv University Journal of Law and Social Change, 2009.
“Aharon Barak – Between Law and Protest” Mishpatim – The Hebrew University Law Journal – A special edition in honor of Aharon Barak's retirement, December 2008.
“The Dilemma in Representing Underpowered Communities on the Way to Social Change” Ma’asai Mishpat, November 2007.
“The Exclusion of Social Rights from the Developing Israeli Constitution 1948 – 2000” Israel – Between Society and Economy (Ben Gurion University of the Negev Books) January 2005.
“Teaching Lawyers Social Responsibility” 34 Mishpatim – The Hebrew University Law Journal October 2004, p. 454.
“From Law Teaching to Justice Education” 4 Aley Mishpat – Academic College of Law – Law Review September 2004, p. 1.
“Social Justice and Academic Law – Are they Contradictive?” Eyonay Zedek (The Van Leer Institution), 2004.
“Review: On Social Justice and Equality” Social Security no.65 March 2004, p.152.
“Strangers in the Domain of Law – the Poor and the Legal system” 26 Panim- Quarterly for Society, Culture & Education November 2003, p.5.
”Access to Justice of Underpowered Communities in Israel” 3 Aley Mishpat – Academic College of Law – Law Review November 2003, p. 497.
“Why do Neighborhoods keep quiet?” A Voice in the Neighborhoods, no.2, July 2003, p.3.
“A Plan for an Economic Dictatorship” Neto – Workfare Magazine, no.159, June 2003, p.49.
“On the Silence of the Lawyers” A juridical Choice (Ha'arez special edition) June 2003, p.2.
“The Shattering of the Democratic Power System and the damage to the legal Procedure” Position Paper No. 3 (The Van Leer Institution) May 2003, p.30.
“The Key for Changing – Why are Straggles for Social Justice Paralyzed?” Erez Aheret – A magazine on Israeliness and Judaism, April 2003, p.2.
“The Concealed from the Eye City” Masa Aher, April 2003, p.99.
“On Absence of Social Justice in the Israeli Legal Education” 3 Aley Mishpat – Academic College of Law – Law Review April 2003, p.5.
“Facing the Economic Crisis – A comparison between USA 1929 and Israel 2002” Amotat Yedid, no.4, September 2002.
“The Public Defender's Accessibility to Underpowered Communities” in “Equality in the eyes of the law? Accessibility to Representation in the Criminal Law” The Van Leer Institution, no.6, 2002.
“The Death of the Laws,” Amotat Yedid, no.2, October 2001.
“Once Again, It’s the Lower Classes Legal Aid that Suffers,” 8 The Lawyer, Official Review of the Israeli Bar Association, April 2001, p.34.
“The New Arrest Law,”22 Tel Aviv University Law Review, February 1999 p. 81.

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