• Professional Experience:
    Full Professor of Finance. Former chairman of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA), and member of the advisory committing on banking and the licensing committee of the Bank of Israel; co-chair of the Israeli Institute for accounting standards and member of the Council for Higher Education.
    Hauser is the former Dean of the business administartion faculty
  • Education:
    1987: Ph.D., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
    1982: M.A., in finance, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    1980: B.A., in statistics and economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Subjects Taught:
    Capital markets in Israel, managing international investment portfolios; financial management, options and future contracts, etc.
  • Research Interests:
    An expert in finance who has published many articles on a wide range of subjects including corporate governance, and the structure, control and centralization of the Israeli capital market, including the dominance of controlling shareholders in determining the value of voting rights of shares; the effectiveness of institutional investors’ use of voting rights in a centralized market; effectiveness of the capital market; comparing initial offerings and repeat offerings; the relationship between corporate profitability and structure, corporate dividend policy and executive salaries.
  • Publications:
  1. Hauser S. and A. Levy, “Would higher Investors’ Heterogeneity necessarily improve Market Liquidity?  Accepted for publication in Journal of Financial Markets, 2018
  2. Eldor R.,Hauser S.,Kahn M. and A. Kamara, “The Non-Tradability Price Premium of Forward Contracts”, Journal of Business , 2006.

  3. Hauser S. and B. Lauterbach, “The Value of Voting Rights To Majority Shareholders: Evidence from Dual Class Unifications”, Review of Financial Studies, 2004.

  4. Hauser S. and B. Lauterbach, “The Impact of Minimum-Trading Units on Stock Value and Price Volatility”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2003

  5. Amihud Y., Hauser S. and A. Kirsh, “Adverse Selection and Cascades in IPOs: Evidence From Israel”, Journal of Financial Economics 68(1), 2003, 137-158.

  6. Brenner M., Eldor R. and S. Hauser, “The Price of Options Illiquidity”, Journal of Finance 56(2), 2001, 791-807.

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