Law Professor


  • Professional Experience:

    Professor of criminal law at OAC; visiting professor at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law and at the University of Cambridge, England.


  • Education:
    2003 Ph.D., Law Faculty, Bar Ilan University.

1999 LL.M., Law Faculty, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1996 LL.B., Law Faculty, Tel Aviv University.


  • Subjects Taught:
    Criminal Law, Legal Ethics, Advanced Theories of Criminal Responsibility.


  • Research Interests:
    Criminal Law Theory


  • Publications:

    1. Shachar Eldar, The Limits of Transferred Malice, 32 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 633 (2012).

    2.  Shachar Eldar, Exploring International Criminal Law's Reluctance to Resort to Modalities of Group Responsibility, 11 Journal of International Criminal Justice 331 (2013).

    3. Shachar Eldar, Indirect Co-Perpetration, 8 Criminal Law & Philosophy 605-617 (2014).

    4. Shachar Eldar & Elkana Laist, The Misguided Concept of Partial Justification, 20 Legal Theory 157 (2014).

    5. Shachar Eldar, Examining Intent through the Lens of Complicity, 28 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 29 (2015).

    6. Shachar Eldar & Elkana List, The Irrelevance of Motive and the Rule of Law, 20 New Criminal Law Review 433 (2017).









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