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  • Professional Experience:
    Extensive academic experience in research and teaching; consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and advisor to advertising agencies specializing in health, as well as health -related startups and corporations.

    Organizer and moderator of the eHealth Venture ‎Summit and Innovation Award, MEDICA with Stefan Becker; CEO, co-founder, CureMyWay.


  • Education:

    2005-2009: Postdoctoral, Princeton University, U.S.
    2003: Ph.D., in psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    1996: M.A., in psychology and communications, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    1987-1989: B.A., magna cum laude in psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


  • Subjects Taught:
    Consumer behavior, psychological aspects of medical decision-making


  • Research Interests:
    Dozens of scientific publications dealing with decision-making; medical decision-making of patients and doctors; consistency in taking medications; understanding medical information and making decisions about treatments; happiness and consumer behavior; evaluation of experiences and products


  • Publications:

    1. Grinshpun-Cohen, J., Miron-Shatz, T., Rhee-Morris, L., Briscoe, B., Pras, E., & Towner, D. (2015). A Priori Attitudes Predict Amniocentesis Uptake in Women of Advanced Maternal Age: A Pilot Study. Journal of health communication, 20(9), 1107-1113.


    2. Grinshpun‐Cohen, J., Miron‐Shatz, T., Ries‐Levavi, L., & Pras, E. (2015). Factors that affect the decision to undergo amniocentesis in women with normal Down syndrome screening results: it is all about the age. Health Expectations, 18(6), 2306-2317. Impact factor: 2.852 


    3. Hanoch, Y., Miron‐Shatz, T., Rolison, J. J., Omer, Z., & Ozanne, E. (2015). Shared decision making in patients at risk of cancer: the role of domain and numeracy. Health Expectations, 18(6), 2799-2810.


    4. Howe, R., Miron-Shatz, T., Hanoch, Y., Omer, Z. B., O’Donoghue, C., & Ozanne, E. M. (2015). Personalized Medicine Through SNP Testing for Breast Cancer Risk: Clinical Implementation. Journal of genetic counseling, 24(5), 744-751.


    5. Konheim‐Kalkstein, Y. L., Whyte, R., Miron‐Shatz, T., & Stellmack, M. A. (2015). What are VBAC Women Seeking and Sharing? A Content Analysis of Online Discussion Boards. Birth, 42(3), 277-282.


    6. Miron-Shatz, T., Bhargave, R., & Doniger, G. M. (2015). Milestone Age Affects the Role of Health and Emotions in Life Satisfaction: A Preliminary Inquiry. PloS one, 10(8), e0133254.

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