Lecturer, Departments of Education and Society and Business Administration (M.B.A. program)



  • Professional Experience:

    Dr. Soffer-Vital has broad experience in the Israeli educational system as a teacher in secondary schools, subject coordinator, curriculum developer, pedagogical supervisor of teaching staff and pedagogic director.

    She has also held a variety of positions at academic institutions, including: Research Projects Coordinator at the Hebrew University, lecturer in the Hebrew University School for Overseas Students, and academic advisor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. 

  • Education:
    2013: Ph.D., Education, Hebrew University.
    2004: M.A.,  Education, Hebrew University.
    2001: B.A., Education and Arabic Literature, Hebrew University. 


  • Subjects Taught:
    Organizational change, leading organizational change, academic writing, assessment in education, and basic concepts in student assessment, educational entrepreneurship, positive psychology, decision-making in management and planning educational programs.


  • Research Interests:
    Motivation, argumentation (debating), dialogue and social interaction, conceptual learning, learning in the information age, and collaborative creation of knowledge in technology-rich communities, epistemological thinking, and reasoning processes.
  • Publications:


1. Soffer. S. & Kareev, Y. (2011). The effects of problem content and scientific background on information search and the assessment and valuation of correlations. Memory and Cognition, 39, pp. 107-116.


2. Soffer-Vital, S. & Tabak, I. (2015). Warm Recognition for Teachers. Mofet Institute Journal, 55, April 2015, pp 44-48. Mofet Institute, Israel [Hebrew].


3. Weil, T. & Soffer S. (2007). Research on language teaching and acquisition: Teaching academic writing by students’ native language in the preparatory program for new immigrants at Hebrew University. Hed Ha-Ulpan, 92, 90-106 [Hebrew].


4. Soffer S. (2007). The Influence of education on the future of the State of Israel: Issues in contemporary reality as influencing educational design. Bulletin of the Zionist Council in Israel, 1, pp. 28-34. Awarded a prize for excellence in public administration in a competition including all Israeli universities [Hebrew].


5. Soffer S. (2006). The Role of the Pedagogical Coordinator (Administrative Tools), Manof Booklet for Managers and Officers, 15, 12-13 [Hebrew].


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