• Professional Experience:
    Occupational therapist and organizational consultant. Clinical experience in rehabilitation of the hand and rehabilitation after amputation and adaptation of prosthetic devices, as well as organizational consultation in a variety of educational and work environments. Formerly a member of faculty in the school of patient therapy faculty of medicine at Hebrew University.

    Currently, a faculty member in School of Health Professions, Ono Academic College, where she is an active participant in teaching, research, group moderation, the admissions committee, guiding simulations and presenting at scientific conferences in Israel and abroad. She also served as editor-in-chief of the Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy and is currently represents the department on the committee administration licensing exams the Ministry of Health.


  • Education:
    2005: Ph.D., School of Occupational Therapy, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
    1998: M.Sc., magna cum laude School of Occupational Therapy, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.‎
    1992: B.O.T., Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Haifa and the Technion.


  • Subjects Taught:
    Ergonomics, academic literacy: analyzing an scientific paper and academic writing, research seminar and groups based on problem-based learning (PBL), group moderator for development professional identity during clinical training. 


  • Research Interests:
    Work and educational environments in different sectors of the population.


  • Publications:

    1. Eshel-Raviv, A., Tevarya, M. David-Yitzhaki, S., Weitzman, N., Adawi, M., Kramer, T., Shenkar, O. (2017). The Connection between Using Laptop Computers and Reports of Back Pain by Students. Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy, 26(11) (in Hebrew).

     Shenkar, O., Evenstein, O. (2016). The Effect of Backpack Use on Participation among Schoolchildren and College Students, Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy, 25(2) (in Hebrew).
    3. Shenkar, O., & Algom D. (2012). Enhancing Accessibility of Visual Information via ‎Sound: Metaphoric Association versus Rule-Based Mapping. Psychology, 3(5), pp 410-‎‎418.
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    5. Shenkar, O., Weiss, P.L., Algom, D. (2005). Auditory Representation of Visual Stimuli: ‎Mapping versus Association. Proceedings of the International Conference on Auditory ‎Display , pp 273-275, Limerick, Ireland. ‎

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