Vice Head of Finance Director of the Business Administration Research Institute Coordinator of Statistics and Research Methods Courses



  • Professional Experience:
    2010-2014: Teaching at University of Haifa.
    ‎2007-2012: Teaching at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
    ‎2005: Internship as an analyst, Provident Fund Department, First International Bank of ‎Israel (track for outstanding students).


  • Education:
    2016: Ph.D. in Finance and Management, Department of Business Administration, University of ‎Haifa.
    2009: M.B.A. summa cum laude in the research (thesis) track, Ben-Gurion University of the ‎Negev. 
    2005: B.A. summa cum laude in banking and financeת Natanya Academic College.


  • Subjects Taught:
    Trading room; analyzing securities and evaluating financial assets, derivatives ‎and foreign-currency market; financial markets; banking and finance; bank management; ‎financial management; financial applications of Excel; advanced statistics and research ‎methodologies.‎


  • Research Interests:
    Corporate finance, liquidity and market makers in Israel, financial ‎management, capital markets, acquisitions and mergers.‎


  • Publications:

1. Aharon, D. and Kroll, Y. 2014. "Analytical Redefinition of DOL and Managerial Investment Decisions". Managerial Finance, forthcoming.
2. Aharon, D., Gavious, Y. and Yosef, R. 2010. "Stock Market Bubble Effects on Mergers and Acquisitions". The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 50 (4), 456-470.

3. Aharon, D, Gurshgoren, G, Sharabi, E., Zelecha, Y. (2017), "Market Makers under Extreme Market Conditions: Does Timing Matter?" Journal of Trading, forthcoming.


  • Working papers:

1. David Yechiam Aharon, Qadan Mahmoud, (2017), "How Much Happiness Can We Find in The Fear Index".

2. David Yechiam Aharon, Qadan Mahmoud, (2017), "Trading Day Duration and Trading Volume".

3. David Yechiam Aharon, Qadan Mahmoud, (2017), The Size Effect is Alive and Well, and Hiding behind Calendar Anomalies, (2017).

4. David Yechiam Aharon , Kroll Yoram (2017), "The Degree of Free Cash Flow Leverage and Valuation".

5. David Yechiam Aharon, Qadan Mahmoud, (2017), "Thee Disposition Effect – A Macroeconomic Perspective".

6. David Yechiam Aharon, Qadan Mahmoud, (2017), "Investors' Attention: A Tale of Two Commodities".



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