Dr Assaf Porat

Dr Assaf Porat

lecturer in the Faculty of Law


  • Professional Experience:Assaf currently serves as a lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College,; as an adjunct lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center Law School, and at the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, and also as a guest lecturer at the Center for Continuing Education for Judges, and at the Center for Continuing Education for Attorneys of the Israeli Bar Association.

  • Education:

2011 Ph.D., Tel Aviv University.

2004 LL.M., Faculty of Law (Magna Cum Laude), Tel Aviv University.

2002 LL.B., Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.

  • Subjects Taught:
    Mandatory courses – Administrative Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence Law, Civil Procedure, Tort Law; Elective courses and Seminars – Military Law, Constitutional Perspectives of Criminal Procedure, Law and Film.

  • Research Interests:
    ​Public Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure,  Military and Security Law, Distortions in Criminal Procedure, Law and Film.

  • Publications:1.Criminal Responsibility for Negligence – Problems and  Solutions”, Edmond Levi Book  529 (2017) (edited by Ohad Gordon).

    2.About n the Rights to Legal Representation in Disciplinary Procedures in the Military,” Law & Business Volume 17 (2014) (devoted to a seminar on the subject: “Law, Ethics, and the Military”).

    3.Focus on a Sociological Critique of the Judiciary: Leon Sheleff as a  Pioneer of Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Decisions of the Supreme Court”,  Israeli Sociology – A Journal for the Study of Israeli Society  Volume 5, No.2, 305 (2003).

    4. “Law in Film – ‘The Portrait of a Lawyer’” IDF Law Review  Volume 16C, 691 (2003) [updated version of the article was published in the book “Law and Book – a Selection of Articles and Abstracts”, 365 (2007)].

    5.The Rabbinical Court as an Arbitrator”,  Kiryat Hamishpat  Volume 2, 503 (2002) (edited by the late Prof. Menashe Shava).

    6.Problematic Doctrines of Criminal Law – Reviewing some Recent Issues”, Hamishpat Law Review  Volume 6. 81 (2001). Co-written with Prof. Leon Shelef.

    7. Defense from Injustice in the Constitutional Era”, Kiryat Hamishpat  Volume 1, 381 (2001) (edited by the late Prof. Menashe Shava).

    8. Methods of Attacking the Decisions of the Military Courts in the Supreme Court”,  IDF Law Review  Volume 13, 163 (1999).

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