Tuesday, 05/9/2017

Ono Academic College Invites you to a Conference on National Healthcare Record Systems


A little about the conference‏:‏

Complete, comprehensive medical information is essential if caregivers are to ‎provide their patients with efficient, effective treatment. Many professionals, both medical ‎and financial, believe that having complete, comprehensive medical information can, at times, save both lives and costs. In the past, information sharing was only ‎possible through the patient, but thanks to increased computerization of medical ‎record keeping, an increasing number of health organizations, sponsors and ‎regulators are initiating projects to share computerized medical information. This is ‎also the case in Israel, where the Ministry of Health is leading the ‎National Medical Record Project.‎


The conference will discuss these and other issues: Who owns the information? Who ‎can view what information? Who will make these decisions? Who is responsible for ‎the integrity and accuracy of the information? Who will protect the information? ‎


Participants will include project leaders from the Ministry of Health, a ‎representative of the Israel Medical Association, media professionals, technology ‎professionals and researchers from academia. Join us for a fascinating discussion of ‎a subject that is critical for all of us. ‎


Conference Program‏:‏

10:10-10:15 Prof. Moshe Ben-Chorin, President, Ono Academic College.


‎10:15-10:30 Dr. Tzipi Hart, Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Academic College.
Sharing Medical Information at the National Level: Reality or Imagination.

‎‎10:20-10:50 Prof. Nir Menachemi, Chair, Department of Health Policy and ‎Management, University of Indiana.
Effects of Medical Information Sharing: What Do Scientific Facts Say. ‎


‎‎10:50-11:10 Ms. Shira Lev-Ami, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Health. ‎‏
The Next Generation of National Medical Information Sharing as a Basis for ‎Digital Transformation.


‎‎11:1-11:30 Prof. Michael Ehrenfeld, Assistant Director General, Sheba Medical ‎Center, Tel Hashomer, and member of the Ethics Committee, Israel Medical ‎Association. ‎
National Medical Records – Ethical-legal Issues: Confidentiality, Privacy and ‎Freedom of Information.

‎11:30-11:45 Coffee break.


‎11:45-12:05 Mr. Nir Weiss, Project Manager in Israel, Allscripts dbMotion. ‎
Technological Challenges in Sharing Medical Information.

‎12:05-12:25 Dr. Robert Wortenfeld, Medical Director, MDClone.‎‏
When Innovation, Technology and Medicine Meet: MDClone Data Release ‎Solution.

‎12:25-12:45 Dr. Arie Yaakobi, Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Academic ‎College. ‎‏
Cyber Challenges in Medical Information Sharing Systems.

‎12:45-13:05 Mr. Ran Resnick, Senior Correspondent and Health Analyst, Israel ‎Hayom newspaper. ‎‏
Is the Ministry of Health’s National Medical Record Project Being ‎Hidden from the Israeli Public?‎


‎13:05-13:45 Lunch.


‎13:45- 14:05 Prof. Joshua Vest, Director, Center for Health Policy, Department of ‎Health Policy and Management, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, and ‎Affiliated Scientist at the Regenstrief Institute. ‎‏
Lessons Learned from Medical Information Sharing in the US.

‎14:05-14:25 Attorney Talia Agmon, Senior Deputy Legal Advisor, Ministry of Health. ‎‏
Legal Aspects of Medical Information Sharing in Israel: The Position of the ‎Ministry of Health.

‎14:25-14:45 Prof. Talia Meron-Shatz, Director, Institute for Research in Medical ‎Decision Making, Faculty of Business Administration, Ono Academic College. ‎‏
Opt-in or Opt-out: Confidence and Cognitive Issues in the Patient’s Ability to ‎Decide about Inclusion in the National Medical Record.


‎14:45-15:05 Dr. Ophir Ben-Assouli, Head of Information Systems, Faculty of Business ‎Administration, Ono Academic College. ‎‏
Using the National Medical Record: Opportunities and Challenges as Expressed in ‎Clinical and Management Outcomes.

‎15:05-15:45 Panel Discussion with Prof. Michael Ehrenfeld, Ms. Shira Lev Ami, ‎Attorney Talia Agmon, Mr. Nir Weiss, and Prof. Talia Meron-Shatz.
Sharing Medical ‎Information in Israel: Where Are We Headed?‎


‎15:45-16:00 Concluding Remarks.


When and where? ‎

September 5, 2017 | ‎9:30-16:00.‎

Ono Academic College, 104 Tzahal Street, Kiryat Ono. ‎


Participation in the conference is free-of- charge, but is subject to pre-registration.

Click here and reserve your place (Hebrew).‎



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