Simulation Center Head: Dr. Orit Shlomzon


The Ono Academic College Simulation Center is the only facility of its kind in Israel. It replicates a professional work environment, and can be used to experiment with scenarios based on real-world events. It allows for large groups of students to learn skills effectively, in a risk-free, structured, safe environment that is customized for their particular needs. 


The training process includes experimentation, observation, video-based group debriefings and evaluation of participants. 

Goals of the Simulation Center

The purpose of the simulation center is to enable the development and improvement of:

  • Professional skills
  • Critical thinking processes
  • Decision-making processes and real-time problem solving

How does the Simulation Center work?

  • The center’s staff includes experts in sophisticated experiential learning

​The Simulation Center’s specialists aid each organization in defining its goals and adapting training scenarios based on specific, research-based models. 


In the next stage, participants come to Simulation Center for training, which includes not only participation in a simulation but also observing other participants, as an integral part of an effective learning process. 


After the simulation, there is a video-based, group debriefing. At the end of the process, each participant receives a copy of the relevant video segments with comments embedded in the film. 


  • Innovative and Technological Center

​The Simulation Center utilizes cutting-edge, dedicated technology that simultaneously films all of the training rooms in real-time. The debriefing software inserts markers for notes while watching several rooms simultaneously.

For whom is the Simulation Center intended?

The Center is intended for all skilled professions that require the application of theoretical knowledge, including law, marketing and sales, human resources coordinators and managers, production line managers and workers, doctors, therapists and others.


Training in the Simulation Center is suitable for trainees, entry-level employees and professionals. It can be used to improve the skills of both new and experienced employees. 

How to contact us?

For further information please contact us: 

Telephone: 03-738-2248


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