The Student Union serves as a link between the student body and the management, lecturers and deans. Its aim is to attend to the welfare of the students, add a cultural nuance to campus life, and to find solutions to student needs.

Today more than ever, the Student Union provides a strong backbone for all students. It is involved, dynamic and solves academic problems. Membership grants students the following services:

  • International student card – gives the student membership in the National Student Organization, discounts on the purchase of theater subscriptions, student insurance from the “Master-Bit” company, discounts with ISSTA Lines for flights and trips abroad.
  • Student “smart card”, for photocopying machines, library and other campus services.
  • Use of virtual data banks – the Student Union site can be used by members of the Student Union to enter the data banks which include abstracts of lessons, examination bank, articles and examination booklets.

Participation in Student Union activities – students’ day, cultural events, delegations abroad, parties organized by the Student Union, holidays and other national events.

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