The Religious Zionist Program at Ono Academic College was founded in 2006, and is home to approximately 1,000 students from national-religious backgrounds studying in various faculties at Ono Academic College.

In this framework you will be to optimally integrate high-level academic studies with enrichment programs related to leadership, Zionism and Jewish heritage. There are also formative religious activities (conferences, study tours, Social Beit Midrash with Rabbi Haggai Londin.)

Our graduates have integrated into highly significant positions in law and the economy.

Introduction by Rabbi Moshe Reiss, Head of the Administration of Religious Zionism.

Curricular tracks*


* These programs are open to the entire population.


To make an appointment with the head of the religious Zionist movement, Rabbi Moshe Reiss please contact Ms. Einav Vana by email:

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