The Ono Academic College Alumni Association is a lively forum for discussing issues of interest to all of us, especially hot topics of public concern. The forum is also intended to serve as  platform for you to share professional articles, reviews, comments and more.

We invite you to be partners in creating the forum, by keeping us informed of significant aspects of your daily activity. For our part, we will offer supportive activities such as meetings with senior officials, professional seminars and workshops; foster networking; and organize social events.

The forum puts special emphasis on ensuring that alumni have a current, thorough familiarity with the wide range of initiative and programs undertaken by Ono Academic College for changing the face of Israeli society. With 13,000 graduates with degrees in law and business, we are a significant community that increases by approximately 1,000 new members each year.

We’d be delighted to receive suggestions, ideas, and comments.

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