Israel’s fastest growing Jewish community is the Ultra Orthodox (Haredi) community. In Israel, a large percentage of Ultra Orthodox men dedicate their lives to study and are supported by substantial government funding. This has lowered the community's capacity for self-sufficiency, and the community suffers from economic and social difficulties, often poverty. The Israeli government recently reported that 49% of the Ultra Orthodox exist under the poverty line. Just as important, this system of government support has caused a large rift between the Ultra Orthodox and secular communities, fanning anti-religious sentiment and resentment. The Ultra Orthodox have become Israel's most detached community.


Abroad, the business acumen of the Ultra Orthodox community is renowned worldwide and the community is self sufficient.  In Israel, there is a growing realization in the Ultra Orthodox community that it must enter the business arena, and lower its dependency on subsidies. Also, many recognize that the character of many men may be less suited to a life of study yet well suited to the world of business.


In general, the Ultra Orthodox cannot study in most academic institutions in Israel because the essence of their religious beliefs precludes men and women from studying together. It may be that this seems inconsequential, but unfortunately, the establishment universities have not provided answers to these special needs. 


It is our contention that the Ultra Orthodox community can be engaged in society in Israel by participation in the business economy, by means of acquisition of academic education.





OAC established a campus for the Ultra Orthodox community in which men and women study for a prestigious academic degree that leads to lucrative employment opportunities, under conditions which honor the Ultra-Orthodox way of life in all ways.  This is a bold and unique-in-Israel program especially tailored tackle the huge challenge facing the Haredi community, and it has already proved to be a great success.  The facility is separate from the main campus, Ultra Orthodox students study on separate days of study for men and women, and are taught by lecturers of their own gender. Attention is paid to all details that enable students to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Presently, over one thousand men and women study at the OAC Haredi campus in Or Yehuda. In fact, the OAC Haredi campus is the largest academic framework for the Ultra-Orthodox community in Israel and the only one which is part of a secular institution.


This program and others at OAC distinguish and differentiate us from other academic institutions in Israel.  OAC has a social mission to achieve, and that is to verify that all sectors of the Israeli society have an opportunity to acquire higher education, and as a result, participate actively in Israel’s economy.  We have the only program of this kind in Israel.




OAC has utilized its own financial resources to award scholarships to the Ultra Orthodox students, covering almost half of tuition payments. In order to maintain and expand this program, we are seeking matching scholarship funds.




Established in 1954, the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles is the largest manager of charitable assets and the leader in planned giving solutions for Greater Los Angeles Jewish philanthropists.  The Foundation currently manages assets of $706 million (as of 12/31/09) and ranks among the 12 largest Los Angeles foundations. In 2009, The Foundation and its more than 1,000 donors distributed $62 million in grants to hundreds of organizations with programs that span the range of philanthropic giving. The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles supports Haredi women students at the Ono Haredi campus with generous, three year, full degree scholarships.

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