Ono Academic College, as a leading institution of higher education and in awareness of the social and educational gap existing in Israel, established Selek, a Hebrew acronym for Students on Behalf of the Community, in which volunteer students contribute to community advancement in the Ono Valley. The guiding factor is the belief that there is great educational value to the involvement of Law and Business Administration students in the community. Israel’s business and legal worlds are now significantly part of the community. This project has great importance for the preparation of lawyers and businesspersons to take their place in the work force.


OAC is active in several areas in its regional welfare work. The goals of the unit are:


  •                      To give every child the opportunity to reach his full potential.
  •                      To decrease the social and educational gaps between children in Israel.
  •                      To make students aware of the educational and social problems existing in various sectors in the State and to facilitate their involvement.
  •                      Legal assistance.


These activities include mentoring for schoolchildren – meeting a pupil (or a number of pupils) once a week for two hours. The meetings are held at a time and place convenient for the mentor and the pupil and are meant to enrich the child’s world, strengthen his/her self-confidence and help him/her in his/her studies. Selek involves first year B.A. students in its community activities according to their academic and personal potential. The bonds created between the student mentors and the children contribute not only to the children in their studies, but also to the personal and social development of the student mentors. The experience deepens understanding and involvement in the pressing problems of Israel’s needy population, and gives a positive and personal experience to the student and the child while contributing to the society in which they live.


Selek is compulsory during the first year of the B.A. degree (Law and Business Administration). It earns the student 4 credits and encompasses 36 hours.


Ono Academic College also operates a number of additional community projects:


  •                  Adoption of IDF fighting units for studies in preparation of entering civilian life.
  •                  Computer courses for children from disadvantaged families.
  •                 Free community lecture series.
  •                Academic study programs for new immigrants and other special-needs groups.




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