In addition to a commitment a first rate academic program, Ono Academic College considers itself responsible for the community and society in Israel.  Teaching social responsibility is considered of great importance, and all students participate in community volunteer activities as part of the academic curriculum.


In order to implement this mission of a social agenda, Ono Academic College decided to open a program of LLB studies for a unique and special group, unparalleled in Israel and probably worldwide, of major spiritual and religious leaders from the collage of religions and religious sectors in Israel.  The potential impending in this group is great. This is a quality group of students who are leaders in their communities – Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze –  with a wide range of influence in Israeli society.



It's no secret that legal studies affect a large part of our society and daily activities which religious leaders deal with on an ongoing basis. Legal studies will sharpen the professional skills and add competence to the religious leaders, enabling them to better serve their constituents in issues and disputes touching on family law (marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption), public law, administrative law, constitutional law, labor law and other legal subjects.  The areas of law studied at Ono Academic College will provide immediate skills for these leaders of the community, especially in light of the Applied Academics principle employed by Ono Academic College, whether or not the students decide to become lawyers upon completing their studies.  Knowledge of law in Israel will bring about the rare combination of leaders whose feet are flat on the ground (law) and whose heads are raised to the heavens (spiritual).


From a broad social point of view, Ono Academic College believes that the straightforward meeting of leaders from the variety of religious groups in Israel, inside one classroom, week after week, discussing legal issues, has the added advantage of familiarizing each other with each one's home communities, and enhance empathy and tolerance towards each other.  From here the road to influencing each leader's own flocks with these newfound attitudes is short.  Legal studies are fertile grounds for this rare meeting of minds. The study of law raises moral, public, social and private questions.  Each legal issue is weighed and balanced in light of each one's values before concluded, and the discussion of these issues in this diverse framework will serve to enrich the participants, as they learn to deliberate while taking into account the needs of all the sectors in Israel.


Ono Academic College is accredited by the Israel Council for Higher Education to teach academic degrees in law and business administration (LLB, BA and MBA).  Since its establishment eleven years ago, Ono Academic College has succeeded in attracting thousands of students to its undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Ono Academic College takes pride in maintaining excellent quality of teaching by an outstanding faculty which includes some of the world's foremost minds and professionals. The top faculty is Ono Academic College's greatest resource and is the main reason for the large amount of applicants, a demand larger than for all the other academic institutions in Israel.



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