The Ono Academic College program for Religious Zionist Youth for degrees in Law (LLB) and Business Administration (BA) offers high level academic studies which enable students to study for their degree concurrently with Torah studies or work.


Our vision is to promote a generation of lawyers and managers whose Torah values, social values and moral values are second nature.


Students in the program have completed army or national service, have a Torah background, and follow a religious way of life. The program is open to those interested in studying for an academic degree who aspire to influence Israeli society. We welcome new students to join the hundreds of students already studying in this unique program.


The study program, fully accredited by the Israeli Council for Higher Education, prepares students for the job market in Israel, while providing practical applied tools for the chosen career.Classes are concentrated in evenings, to enable students to continue other activities. The class is made up of other religious Zionist youth with a Torah background, in a religious environment, (separate seating). In addition, the program includes social activities in order to enhance the student experience and create team spirit.


The program includes extra-curricular Torah enrichment with an emphasis on social activities, such as monthly meetings and academic level Torah courses, in order to complement the merge between the academic and practical worlds, and relevant Torah studies.


Each student is given personal attention and support during the course of studies and upon graduation, when entering the job market.


Ono Academic College is a privately funded non-profit organization supported by tuition fees. Ono has devoted a substantive percentage of its own financial resources to scholarships for excellent students and disadvantaged young people to provide an incentive for success. Jewish Federations around the world support the Ono Academic College scholarship programs

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