The Noga Center for Victims of Crime of Ono Academic College is a pioneer in the struggle for advancing the rights of crime victims in the Israeli legal system.

To achieve this goal, the Center’s staff works on both the individual and public levels. On the public level, they initiate legislative processes, submit position papers to the Knesset and actively participate in deliberations in Knesset committees to promote the rights of crime victims in the State of Israel. The Center’s staff initiates and cooperates in educational efforts by training professionals who work with crime victims.

The Center offers victims of serious crime legal advice and representation without charging a fee for the attorney’s work. The Center represents the families of murder victims, victims of serious sexual assault and severe violence, most of them minors and children, in criminal and civil proceedings. The Center’s work has helped establish numerous legal precedents for the rights of victims. Moreover, our staff promotes research on crime victims and their rights, organizes seminars and maintains contact with similar organizations in other countries.

The Noga Center for Victims of Crime was launched in 2004 by Dr. Dana Pugach and Attorney Dikla Tutian, in partnership with the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College. The Noga Center was established to provide professional support for crime victims and their families who are not served by existing institutions, are not considered a party to criminal proceedings, and are frequently left uninformed of their rights or the progress of their case.

The Noga Center operates two legal clinics in which law students at Ono Academic College can participate:

  • Noga Legal Clinic representing victims of serious crime
  • Noga Information Center for victims, located at the Petach Tikva District Court

Students are given an opportunity to assist attorneys from the Noga Center participate in representing crime victims, thereby learning a new, cutting-edge field of law. Its unique expertise and knowledge of victims’ rights positions the Noga Clinic as Israel’s most important legal institution in the innovative field of victims’ rights. Training attorneys to represent victims of crime is one of its important functions.

Noga Information Center

The Noga Information Center is the first legal resource in Israel for crime victims. Any victim may request preliminary legal advice from the attorneys and law students from this unique clinic who staff the Information Center, Monday through Thursday.

The Noga Center for Victims of Crime established the Information Center, ‎in cooperation with the National Insurance Institute and Courts Administration, to provide preliminary assistance to victims of crime who cannot find their way through the legal bureaucracy and complexity of the judicial system. The Center meets the needs of crime victims who seek advice and to demonstrate interest in legal proceedings in their case, despite all of the inherent difficulties. It exists to help victims obtain relevant information and demand their rights in court.

Among other services, the Information Center ‎helps victims by providing information about the process their case follows, their rights and the petitions victims need to submit to the court. Since its opening the Information Center has served many people, by telephone and at its office at the District Court of the Central District in Petach Tikva. The inquiries are many and varied, ranging from crimes against property and traffic accidents to family violence and murder. Inquiries received from all parts of the country, and testify to the serious distress of the victims.

Televised public service announcements, featuring the voice of Israeli television presenter Miki Haimovich, who volunteered her services to the campaign, invites victims to take advantage of Center’s services. The campaign ran on several television channels at different times of day, and encouraged crime victims to contact the Center for assistance.

Moreover, the Noga Center for Victims of Crime ‎continues to work to advance the rights of all crime victims in the state of Israel.

Registration for the Noga Information Center clinic is currently open. Interested students may find additional information, in Hebrew, on the Noga Center’s website.

Principles of the Noga Center

On behalf of all crime victims, we will battle for the following rights:

  • The right to protect life, body and soul
  • The right to respect and autonomy
  • The right to privacy and confidentiality
  • The right to receive information
  • The right to receive immediate legal assistance and advice
  • The right to referrals for any psychological and/or medical treatment needed as a result of a crime
  • The right to independent legal standing and representation in legal proceedings
  • The right to fair proceedings
  • The right to receive financial damages and compensation

Contact us:


Information center: 03-929-9533

Office: 03-515-6305


104 Tzahal Street, Kiryat Ono


Dr. Dana Pugach‎:

Attorney Lior Shani:

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