• Applied Academics
    The Ono Academic College curricula are recognized by the Council for Higher Education and prepare students to work in the Israeli market, giving them practical tools for use in the careers of their choice.


  • Focus on the Student
    More than 8,000 students study at Ono Academic College. Each one of them is in the center of the Ono learning experience, receiving personal administrative services and the promise of the highest quality education in Israel.


  • Outstanding Students Scholarship Program
    The Ono scholarship fund for outstanding students, in memory of Major Aharon Katz, was established in order to provide unique study conditions to outstanding candidates, those with high acceptance qualifications or those with a background of leadership and outstanding activity.


  • Social Agenda
    Ono's social agenda is founded in opening the gates of higher education to social leadership from all sectors of Israel's society. Ono is proud to be the only institution of higher education in Israel to introduce a compulsory 4-academic hour program of community service into its Bachelor Degree programs. 

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