Name Position E-mail
Prof. Moshe Ben Horin Chancellor
Dr. Rivi Cohen Vice Chancellor 
Prof. Yaron Zelekha President of the Higher Academic Council, Head of the Specialization in Accounting
Prof. Yuval Elbashan Dean of the Law School
Rabbi Shai Piron Dean of Social Development

Chairperson, Friends of Ono
Prof. Arieh Gavious Dean of the Business School
Prof. Shlomo Noy Dean of the Faculty of Health Professions
Prof. Tova Hartman Dean of the Faculty of Humanities
Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom Director of the School of Education and Social Studies
Dr. Shira Yalon-Chamovitz Dean of Students, and Head of the Institute for Egalitarian Academia
Adv. Geula Avidan Dean of Students, Ultra-Orthodox campuses
Academic Administration
Dr. Gil Avnimelech Vice Dean For Research,

Head of Specialization in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Prof. Nachum Ilan Head of the School of Judaic Studies
Dr. Ofir Ben Asuli Head of the Specialization in Information Systems Analysis
Prof. Avner Ben Zaken Academic Director, Haifa Campus
Dr. Amal Jabreen Academic Director, Faculty of Law, Haifa Campus
Dr. Yossi Gavish Academic Director, Faculty of Business, Haifa Campus
Prof. Emmanuel Grupper Head of School of Education & Social Studies, and Program Director, Kiryat Ono Campus
Prof. Shmuel Hauser Lecturer in Business Administration, Chairperson of the Securities Authority
Dr. Tsipi Heart Deputy Head of the Specialization in Information Systems Analysis
Dr. Houri Bisharat Haela Deputy Head of the Law Program and Supervisor of Sexual Harassment Enforcement, Haifa campus
Dr. Erez Yaakobi Director of the M.B.A. program
Dr. Zipora Cohen Head of the LL.M. program
Prof. Noomi Katz Head of the Research Center for the Health and Medical Professions
Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz, Head of the B.A. program in Business Administration
Dr. Eyal Maoz Vice Dean for Instruction and Developing Education Programs
Dr. Dina Nir Head of the M.B.A. program
Dr. Galit Eilam Shamir Head of the Organizational Studies program (organizational consulting)
Dr. Neomi Siegel Head of Pharma and Health Systems Management Specialization
Dr. Hanna Putter-Katz Head of the Department of Communication Sciences And Disorders
Dr. Naomi Ferziger Chairperson of the Department of Occupational Therapy
Dr. Ido Kallier Director of the Specialization in Finance and Capital Markets (B.A.)
Dr. Ilan (Daniels) Rahimi Vice Rector for Development

Head of pre-academic preparatory programs
Dr. Sharbel Shoukair Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of the Humanities,

Head of the Specialization in Finance and Capital Markets (M.B.A.)
Dr. Boaz Shalit Head of the Specializations in Human Resources Management, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Dr. Michal Shapira Head of the Specialization in Marketing and Advertising,

Head of the Marketing and Advertising  program (B.A.)
CPA Eyal Sharabi Deputy Head of the Specialization in Accounting
Prof. Noam Sherrif Head of the Jonathan Wohl Music School.
Mr. Ori Zakh Head of Department of Music and Technology, Jonathan Wohl Music School.
Mr. Ranan Hartman Founder and CEO
CPA Rami Hadad Deputy CEO
Mr. Doron Haran Vice Chairman for Resource Development
Ms. Revital Glazer Director of Libraries
Ms. Osnat Goren Director of Human Resources and Social Responsibility
Ms. Aliza Almagor Malkit Deputy CEO for Planning
Ms. Judy Arad Director of Foreign Relations
Ms. Riva Hartman Director of Purchasing
Ms. Sari Rosenbaum Manager, Organization and Careers
Adv. Maya Hartman Deputy CEO, Administration Office
Ms.Ayala Reshef Spokesperson and Manager of Marketing Communications
Mr. Yishai Katz-Schoenfeld Deputy CEO, Marketing
Mr. Oren Laufer Head of Computers, Communications and Information Systems
Mr. Shlomi Mordechai Deputy CEO, Information Systems
Mr. Yossi Sror Director of Logistics
Mr. Ariel Fuchs Deputy CEO, Sales
Rabbi Yehezkel Fogel Director of the Ultra-Orthodox Campus
Adv. CPA Tali Ron Comptroller
Rabbi Moshe Reiss Director of the Program for Religious Zionist Youth Authority
Mr. Yuval Tanuri Deputy General Manager, Regulation and Headquarters
Ms. Tammy Shurin Yahel Headquarters Manager
Adv. Zeev Kasso Director, Ethiopian-Israel Students Program
Adv. Moshe Shimoni Chairman, Ono Academic College Jerusalem Campus
Ms. Tova Marcovich Deputy CEO, Jerusalem Campus
Mr. Yehuda Cohen Director and Founder, Jonathan Wohl Music School
Ms. Shoshi Eisenberg Deputy Director, Haifa campus

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