תפריט של SIGAL VAX





Head of the Professional Training Program in the Department of Occupational Therapy

M.Sc. OT, Haifa University; B.Sc. OT, Tel Aviv University

Occupational therapist working in the field of mental health rehabilitation and certified by the Ministry of Health to instruct teams in mental health rehabilitation. Conducts workshops, consults and guides teams in mental health rehabilitation and serves as chairperson of the Forum of Occupational Therapists in Mental Health Rehabilitation.


Courses taught by Sigal Vax:

  • Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy


Selected Publications:

  • Weissbrem-Padan, D., Vax, S., Naor, R., Sahar, N., Askayo, H., Tsabar, O., Austin, O., Soffer, A., Bouni, O., and Hadas-Lidor, N. (2006). “Occupational Therapy Practice in Israel following theCommunity-based Rehabilitation for People with Psychiatric Disability Act 2000.” WFOT Bulletin, 53, pp. 36-56.

  • Procter, N., Frimerman, G. and Vax. S. (2007). “Supportive Occupations for People with the Mental Limitations – The Unique Perspective of Occupational Therapists. IJOT Israel Journal of Occupational Therapy 16(1) pp. H31-H46.

  • Dudai, R., Leitner, R. and Vax, S. (2007). “Work as the Key to healing,” in Hadas-Lidor, N. and Lachman, M. (eds.) Rehabilitation and Healing in Mental Health. Kfar Yona, Israel: Litham. 

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